Reptile Realms Breeder Showcase – June 13 & 14
The San Jose Reptile Show – August 15 & 16

Exciting Announcement About Dates:

At the beginning of February it was brought to our attention that the San Diego Reptile Supershow was planned for the same weekend that The San Jose Reptile Show was originally slated. We know that as a young show there is NO WAY that we could compete with Super Show for Vendors, so we had to move our date… We wanted to simply push it back one week, but then it conflicted with SC County Fair. The weekend before is Redding, and the weekend before that is Independence Day. Well there went July…

The first weekend after fair is Pomona Supershow, so August 15th & 16th it is! Do we really have to wait that long for the next Show in San Jose??? “No way!” we thought… “So lets do two shows this year.” We will be hosting a smaller “Breeder Showcase” which will emphasize heavily on┬álocal talent that you may not ever see in some of the bigger more expensive shows… We decided to host this warm up event two months before the main event, and it will be considerably cheaper to attend and showcase at.

Reptile Realms Breeder Showcase:
June 13 & 14 – Gateway Hall
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

The San Jose Reptile Show:
August 15 & 16 – Pavilion Hall
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds2Shows-1Year – Follow us on FB for the most up to date info – Buy advanced tickets or reserve your booth space


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The San Jose Reptile Show – August 15 & 16

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